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Oil Filters

Please contact via email or phone if you require any of these spears, they are normally available from stock or within a few days for current production machines, other parts are on an as available basis, contact us for availability and a quote.

Type Original Reference Manufacturer
Oil filter237Sullair
Oil filter681Sullair
Oil filter953Sullair
Oil filter003681Irmer & Elze
Oil filter4355Sullair
Oil filter4866Sullair
Oil filter5860Sullair
Oil filter6708Sullair
Oil filter32179Hydrovane
Oil filter32179Mattei
Oil filter40873Pneumofore
Oil filter41038Pneumofore
Oil filter56457Hydrovane
Oil filter56457Mattei
Oil filter57562Hydrovane
Oil filter57562Mattei
Oil filter59946Hydrovane
Oil filter59946Mattei
Oil filter70301Hydrovane
Oil filter70301Mattei
Oil filter220910Bottarini
Oil filter220911Bottarini
Oil filter220912Bottarini
Oil filter223475Bottarini
Oil filter408242Sullair
Oil filter00432996Demag
Oil filter440000Sullair
Oil filter440927Sullair
Oil filter470002Power System
Oil filter470003Power System
Oil filter486610Sullair
Oil filter486613Sullair
Oil filter521500Maco Meudon
Oil filter521824Maco Meudon
Oil filter529214Maco Meudon
Oil filter531001Busch
Oil filter531005Busch
Oil filter00587374Demag
Oil filter596010Sullair
Oil filter640105Ceccato
Oil filter640130Ceccato
Oil filter640130Mark
Oil filter640140Mark
Oil filter640150Mark
Oil filter640151Mark
Oil filter640211Ceccato
Oil filter640509Ceccato
Oil filter640557Ceccato
Oil filter640608Ceccato
Oil filter640666Mark
Oil filter641123Ceccato
Oil filter641130Ceccato
Oil filter650022Irmer & Elze
Oil filter708506Blitz Schneider
Oil filter758101Blitz Schneider
Oil filter758104Blitz Schneider
Oil filter758107Blitz Schneider
Oil filter00771036Demag
Oil filter00901000Demag
Oil filter930589Ceccato
Oil filter930697Ceccato
Oil filter00956550Demag
Oil filter00988701Demag
Oil filter2010827Gardner Denver
Oil filter2116110Gardner Denver
Oil filter2116128Gardner Denver
Oil filter4057120Sullair
Oil filter04425274Demag
Oil filter04819974Demag
Oil filter5041686Mahle
Oil filter5081724Mahle
Oil filter5081732Mahle
Oil filter5081906Mahle
Oil filter5161310Mahle
Oil filter05500574Demag
Oil filter05500874Demag
Oil filter05773274Demag
Oil filter6665979Purolator
Oil filter6928490Purolator
Oil filter10654074Demag
Oil filter11381974Demag
Oil filter11445474Demag
Oil filter11781186Demag
Oil filter24650040Demag
Oil filter36768613Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39101704Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39101712Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39123229Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39123237Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39123299Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39125828Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39138433Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39796974Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39796982Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39856836Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39856844Ecoair
Oil filter39856844Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39907167Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39907175Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter39911631Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter43299200Demag
Oil filter43299200Demag Wittig
Oil filter43299300Demag
Oil filter048033000Fini
Oil filter048035000Fini
Oil filter048129000Fini
Oil filter51056612Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter68521824Maco Meudon
Oil filter72221450Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter81723059Tamrock
Oil filter85062259Tamrock
Oil filter89515869Tamrock
Oil filter92036219Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92071182Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92118660Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92118678Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92128859Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92740943Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92740950Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92740973Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92793223Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92824598Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92888262Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter92971182Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93568285Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93578284Ecoair
Oil filter93578284Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93578367Ecoair
Oil filter93578367Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93585297Ecoair
Oil filter93585297Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93603157Ecoair
Oil filter93603157Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93611069Ecoair
Oil filter93611069Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter93622322Ecoair
Oil filter93622322Ingersoll Rand
Oil filter558000301Boge
Oil filter558000303Boge
Oil filter558000307Boge
Oil filter558000308Boge
Oil filter6740258361Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6740259356Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6740359266Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6740359576Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750258123Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750259866Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750359096Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750359556Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750459326Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750558336Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750558426Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750558830Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750559016Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750559016Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750559176Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750559236Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750559256Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750658470Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750659196Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750659206Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6750659208Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6760758116Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6760759106Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6760759266Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761258136Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761258216Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761258236Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761259106Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761259166Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761259176Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6761259216Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6771659116Mann & Hummel
Oil filter6771659272Mann & Hummel
Oil filter7211131200Fiac
Oil filter7211131500Fiac
Oil filter7211141150Fiac
Oil filter7211141300Fiac
Oil filter9908326101Fluidair
Oil filter95040131222Mgm Gnutti
Oil filter099008 SRotair
Oil filter099012 SRotair
Oil filter1202 6249 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1202 8040 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1202 8496 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1202 8497 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter128381-050Quincy
Oil filter128382-050Quincy
Oil filter1513 0160 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1513 0337 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1612 3980 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1613 5544 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1613 6105 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1614 7273 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1616 4378 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1619 2627 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1619 3771 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1619 5314 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter1619 6227 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter200edm369Gardner Denver
Oil filter201edm369Gardner Denver
Oil filter206.1876.0Kaeser
Oil filter206.1901.0Kaeser
Oil filter206.1918.0Kaeser
Oil filter206.1979.0Kaeser
Oil filter206.1981.0Kaeser
Oil filter206.1985.0Kaeser
Oil filter206.3509.0Kaeser
Oil filter2250050-602Sullair
Oil filter250008-956Sullair
Oil filter250025-524Sullair
Oil filter250025-525Sullair
Oil filter250025-526Sullair
Oil filter250025-982Sullair
Oil filter250026-982Sullair
Oil filter250028-032Sullair
Oil filter2900 0553 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter2914 8058 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter3216 9214 01Atlas Copco
Oil filter4006.5104.2Ecoair
Oil filter4023.5108.2Ecoair
Oil filter43.582.1Leroi
Oil filter9707 6269 52Atlas Copco
Oil filter9707 6483 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter9709 0001 03Atlas Copco
Oil filter9709 0012 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter9709 0024 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter9712 5401 04Atlas Copco
Oil filter9721 0338 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter9736 5671 00Atlas Copco
Oil filter98262-1027Compair
Oil filter98262-1030Compair
Oil filter98262-135Compair
Oil filter98262-136Compair
Oil filter98262-219Compair
Oil filter98262-220Compair
Oil filter98262-5134Compair
Oil filter98262-5137-0001Compair
Oil filter98262-8040-0001Compair
Oil filterBN 08434Ecoair
Oil filterBN 16013Ecoair
Oil filterC 11158-1015Compair
Oil filterC 11158-1461Compair
Oil filterC 11158-1775Compair
Oil filterC 11158-1776Compair
Oil filterC 160112-51Compair
Oil filterC 16012-302Compair
Oil filterC 16012-303Compair
Oil filterC 16012-51Compair
Oil filterC 16012-701Compair
Oil filterCr21C8123AHydrovane
Oil filterCr21C8123AMattei
Oil filterCr21D11031Hydrovane
Oil filterCr21D11031Mattei
Oil filterCr21E20097Hydrovane
Oil filterCr21E20097Mattei
Oil filterCr21H30581Hydrovane
Oil filterCr21H30581Mattei
Oil filterF 402351072Ecoair
Oil filterFCO 201Purolator
Oil filterFCO 213Purolator
Oil filterFCO 257Purolator
Oil filterFCO 28Purolator
Oil filterfo04220000Power System
Oil filterfo18370000Power System
Oil filterfo4532g000Power System
Oil filterL 10028Purolator
Oil filterL 10168Purolator
Oil filterL 10183Purolator
Oil filterL 20252Purolator
Oil filterL 24466Purolator
Oil filterL 40106Purolator
Oil filterL 42168Purolator
Oil filterL 54563Purolator
Oil filterN 09202Ecoair
Oil filterN 9349Ecoair
Oil filterOC 27Mahle
Oil filterOC 32Mahle
Oil filterOC 40Mahle
Oil filterOC 41Mahle
Oil filterOC 47Mahle
Oil filterOC 59Mahle
Oil filterOC 60Mahle
Oil filterOC 78Mahle
Oil filterOC 84Mahle
Oil filterPC 201Purolator
Oil filterPC 21Purolator
Oil filterPC 244Purolator
Oil filterPC 246Purolator
Oil filterPC 248Purolator
Oil filterPC 252Purolator
Oil filterPC 253Purolator
Oil filterPC 257Purolator
Oil filterPC 32/1Purolator
Oil filterPC 33Purolator
Oil filterPC 507Purolator
Oil filterPER 168Purolator
Oil filterPER 17 KPurolator
Oil filterPER 183Purolator
Oil filterPER 211Purolator
Oil filterPER 2168Purolator
Oil filterPER 252Purolator
Oil filterPER 257Purolator
Oil filterPER 28Purolator
Oil filterPER 319Purolator
Oil filterPER 4466Purolator
Oil filterPER 4563Purolator
Oil filterr 1161Rotorcomp
Oil filterr 2979Rotorcomp
Oil filterr 333Rotorcomp
Oil filterr 9206Rotorcomp
Oil filterW 11102Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 11102/4Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 1170Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 712/4Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 719/5Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 940Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 940/18Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 940/5Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 950Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 962Mann & Hummel
Oil filterW 962/14Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 13145Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 1374Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 724/3Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 920Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 940Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 950Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 950/2Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 962Mann & Hummel
Oil filterWD 962/12Mann & Hummel