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In-Line filters

Please contact via email or phone if you require any of these spears, they are normally available from stock or within a few days for current production machines, other parts are on an as available basis, contact us for availability and a quote.

Type Original Reference Manufacturer
In-Line filter91108126Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108134Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108142Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108159Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108167Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108175Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108183Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108191Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108209Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108217Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108225Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108233Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108241Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108258Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108266Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108274Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108282Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108290Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108308Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108316Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108324Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108332Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108357Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108365Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108373Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108384Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91108399Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91188482Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter91189001Ingersoll Rand
In-Line filter004 CHiross
In-Line filter004 PHiross
In-Line filter004 QHiross
In-Line filter004 SHiross
In-Line filter007 CHiross
In-Line filter007 PHiross
In-Line filter007 QHiross
In-Line filter007 SHiross
In-Line filter015 CHiross
In-Line filter015 PHiross
In-Line filter015 QHiross
In-Line filter015 SHiross
In-Line filter024 CHiross
In-Line filter024 PHiross
In-Line filter024 QHiross
In-Line filter024 SHiross
In-Line filter035 CHiross
In-Line filter035 PHiross
In-Line filter035 QHiross
In-Line filter035 SHiross
In-Line filter060 CHiross
In-Line filter060 PHiross
In-Line filter060 QHiross
In-Line filter060 SHiross
In-Line filter090 CHiross
In-Line filter090 PHiross
In-Line filter090 QHiross
In-Line filter090 SHiross
In-Line filter1050 AZander
In-Line filter1050 VZander
In-Line filter1050 XZander
In-Line filter1050 ZZander
In-Line filter1070 AZander
In-Line filter1070 VZander
In-Line filter1070 XZander
In-Line filter1070 ZZander
In-Line filter1140 AZander
In-Line filter1140 VZander
In-Line filter1140 XZander
In-Line filter1140 ZZander
In-Line filter120 CHiross
In-Line filter120 PHiross
In-Line filter120 QHiross
In-Line filter120 SHiross
In-Line filter1202 6255 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6255 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6257 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6257 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6257 03Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6257 04Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6259 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6259 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6259 03Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6259 04Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6262 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6262 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6262 03Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6262 04Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6263 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6263 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6264 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6268 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6268 03Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6273 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6273 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6274 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6281 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 6281 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 8572 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 8573 01Atlas Copco
In-Line filter1202 8573 02Atlas Copco
In-Line filter150 CHiross
In-Line filter150 PHiross
In-Line filter150 QHiross
In-Line filter150 SHiross
In-Line filter2010 AZander
In-Line filter2010 VZander
In-Line filter2010 XZander
In-Line filter2010 ZZander
In-Line filter2020 AZander
In-Line filter2020 VZander
In-Line filter2020 XZander
In-Line filter2020 ZZander
In-Line filter2030 AZander
In-Line filter2030 VZander
In-Line filter2030 XZander
In-Line filter2030 ZZander
In-Line filter2050 AZander
In-Line filter2050 VZander
In-Line filter2050 XZander
In-Line filter2050 ZZander
In-Line filter240 CHiross
In-Line filter240 PHiross
In-Line filter240 QHiross
In-Line filter240 SHiross
In-Line filter250024-430Sullair
In-Line filter250024-438Sullair
In-Line filter2901 0190 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0191 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0192 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0193 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0194 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0195 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0196 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0197 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0198 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0199 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0201 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0202 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0203 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0204 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0205 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0206 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0233 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2901 0234 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2906 0212 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2906 0213 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2906 0214 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2906 0215 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2906 0216 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter2906 0217 00Atlas Copco
In-Line filter3050 AZander
In-Line filter3050 VZander
In-Line filter3050 XZander
In-Line filter3050 ZZander
In-Line filter3075 AZander
In-Line filter3075 VZander
In-Line filter3075 XZander
In-Line filter3075 ZZander
In-Line filter5075 AZander
In-Line filter5075 VZander
In-Line filter5075 XZander
In-Line filter5075 ZZander
In-Line filter98245-121Compair
In-Line filter98245-122Compair
In-Line filter98245-123Compair
In-Line filter98245-125Compair
In-Line filter98245-126Compair
In-Line filter98245-127Compair
In-Line filter98245-128Compair
In-Line filter98245-129Compair
In-Line filter98245-130Compair
In-Line filter98245-141Compair
In-Line filter98245-142Compair
In-Line filter98245-143Compair
In-Line filter98245-145Compair
In-Line filter98245-146Compair
In-Line filter98245-147Compair
In-Line filter98245-148Compair
In-Line filter98245-149Compair
In-Line filter98245-150Compair
In-Line filter98245-161Compair
In-Line filter98245-162Compair
In-Line filter98245-163Compair
In-Line filter98245-164Compair
In-Line filter98245-166Compair
In-Line filter98245-167Compair
In-Line filter98245-168Compair
In-Line filter98245-169Compair
In-Line filter98245-170Compair
In-Line filterAK 02/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 02/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 03/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 03/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 04/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 04/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 05/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 05/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 07/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 07/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 10/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 15/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 20/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 30/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterAK 30/50Ultrafilter
In-Line filterCE 0005 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0005 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0005 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0010 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0010 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0010 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0018 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0018 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0018 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0036 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0036 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0036 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0048/72/87 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0048/72/87 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0048/72/87 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0120/0132 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0120/0132 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0120/0132 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0198 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0198 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0198 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0240/258 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0240/258 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0240/258 DCompair
In-Line filterCE 0372/600 BCompair
In-Line filterCE 0372/600 CCompair
In-Line filterCE 0372/600 DCompair
In-Line filterDR 100 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 150 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 200 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 250 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 350 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 450 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 500 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 530 EHydrovane
In-Line filterDR 600 EHydrovane
In-Line filterE 006 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 006 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 006 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 013 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 013 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 013 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 025 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 025 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 040 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 040 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 040 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 085 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 085 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 085 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 195 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 195 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 195 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 295 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 295 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 295 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 400 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 400 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 400 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 500 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 500 ACDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterE 500 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterFF 02/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 02/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 03/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 03/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 04/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 04/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 05/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 05/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 07/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 07/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 10/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 15/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 20/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 30/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterFF 30/50Ultrafilter
In-Line filterG 11Zander
In-Line filterG 12Zander
In-Line filterG 13Zander
In-Line filterG 14Zander
In-Line filterG 17Zander
In-Line filterG 19Zander
In-Line filterG 7Zander
In-Line filterGP 100 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 150 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 200 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 250 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 350 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 450 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 500 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 530 EHydrovane
In-Line filterGP 600 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 100 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 100 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 150 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 150 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 200 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 200 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 250 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 250 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 350 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 350 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 450 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 450 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 500 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 500 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 530 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 530 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 600 EHydrovane
In-Line filterHE 600 EHydrovane
In-Line filterK 009 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 009 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 009 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 017 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 017 AANSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 017 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 017 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 030 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 030 AANSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 030 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 030 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 058 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 058 AANSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 058 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 058 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 125 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 125 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 125 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 145 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 145 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 145 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 15 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 15 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 15 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 180 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 180 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 180 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 220 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 220 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 220 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 24 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 24 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 24 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 240 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 240 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 240 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 300 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 300 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 300 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 330 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 330 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 330 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 4 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 4 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 4 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 430 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 430 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 430 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 50 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 50 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 50 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 620 AADomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 620 ACSDomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 620 AODomnick Hunter
In-Line filterK 8 AAIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 8 ACIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterK 8 AOIngersoll Rand
In-Line filterMF 02/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 02/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 03/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 03/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 04/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 04/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 05/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 05/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 07/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 07/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 10/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 15/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 20/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 30/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterMF 30/50Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 02/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 02/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 03/05Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 03/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 04/10Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 04/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 05/20Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 05/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 07/25Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 07/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 10/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 15/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 20/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 30/30Ultrafilter
In-Line filterSMF 30/50Ultrafilter