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Belliss & Morcom Spares

Please contact via email or phone if you require any of these spears, they are normally available from stock or within a few days for current production machines, other parts are on an as available basis, contact us for availability and a quote.

Part NumberDescription
2-01-570-05Cylinder joint
2-01-573-032nd stage top cover joint
2-01-576-022nd stage top cover joint
2-01-576-03Cylinder joint
2-01-735-032nd stage top cover joint
2-04-259-011 ST STAGE TOP COVER
2-04-304-02Top cover joint
2-04-334-01Top cover
2-06-315-02Oil thrower
2-25-126-02Main bearing
2-28-319Piston assembly 2nd stage
2-28-383Piston assembly
2-28-384Piston assembly
2-28-430-013rs stage piston
2-28-438Piston assembly
2-28-438-01Top half piston
2-28-438-02Piston bottom half
2-28-439Piston assembly
2-28-524-03Piston ring
2-28-524-04Rider ring
2-28-525-04Piston ring
2-28-525-05Rider ring
2-28-525-06Piston ring
2-28-525-07Rider ring
2-28-534-03Piston ring
2-28-534-04Rider ring
2-28-535-05Piston ring
2-28-535-06Rider ring
2-28-535-07Piston ring
2-28-535-08Rider ring
2-28-539-03Piston ring
2-28-539-04Rider ring
2-28-540-012nd stage piston
2-28-540-023rd stage piston
2-28-540-04Piston ring
2-28-540-05Rider ring
2-28-540-07Locking plate 2nd/3rd stage piston
2-28-540-08Piston ring
2-28-540-09Rider ring
2-28-543-03Piston ring
2-28-564-03Piston ring
2-28-564-04Rider ring
2-28-660-01/021st stage piston
2-28-660-031st stage piston ring
2-28-660-041st stage rider ring
2-30-045-01Crosshead W
2-30-134-01Piston rod
2-30-144-01Piston rod
2-30-154-01Piston rod
2-30-155-01Piston rod
2-30-194-01Piston rod
2-30-202-01Piston rod
2-30-252-01Piston rod
2-31-041-01Crosshead V
2-31-041-02Gudgeon pin V
2-31-045-02Gudgeon pin
2-45-1890Flexible metallic hose
2-70-126-01Suction valve cage
2-70-310-04O ring
2-70-310-05O ring
2-76-068Joint set
2-76-241Joint & O ring set
2-76-335Joint & O ring set
2-76-338Joint & O ring set
2-76-341Joint & O ring kit VH35N
2-76-342Joint & o ring set
2-76-364Intercooler joint set
ASB511-005Air filter element
ASB512-001Air filter
ASB525-004Flow switch
MB009-04Setpin 2nd/3rd stage piston
MB120-01Air vent valve
MB133-48Valve cage o ring
MB133-49Valve cover o ring
MB133-50O ring
MB133-55Valve o ring 3rd stage
MB133-56Valve o ring 3rd stage
MB137-09Crosshead circlip
NSBP-680-003Air filter
NSBP-680-005Air filter
NSBP-750-001Release valve diaphragm
NSBP-859-004Air filter element
NSBP-888-007Oil sight glass lubricato rubber
PSB001-002Securing pin
PSB002-004Piston rod nut
PSB002-005Crosshead nut
PSB002-008Clamping nut main bearing
PSB002-010Piston rod nut W
PSB002-011Piston rod nut
PSB003-001Piston bottom reinforcing washer
PSB003-003Piston top reinforcing washer
PSB003-008Piston rod reinforcing washer
PSB003-009Piston rod reinforcing washer
PSB004-001Piston rod locking washer
PSB004-003Locking washer clamping nut
PSB004-006Intercooler fan
PSB006-008Top cover o ring
PSB006-018Valve cover 'o' ring
PSB006-021O ring
PSB006-022O ring
PSB007-004Oil seal
PSB007-005Oil seal
PSB007-006Oil seal
PSB007-012Oil seal
PSB008-0011st stg top cover joint
PSB008-002Cylinder inlet/outlet joint
PSB008-0032nd stage top cover joint
PSB008-0043rd stage top cover joint
PSB008-005Crankcase door joint
PSB008-006Main guide door joint
PSB008-007Bearing cover gasket
PSB008-009Oil filter gasket
PSB008-015Main guide loose plate gasket
PSB008-016Scraper box joint
PSB008-025Top cover joint
PSB008-027Crankcase door joint
PSB008-028Gasket crankcase drive end
PSB008-0443rd stage top cover joint
PSB008-050Top cover joint
PSB008-053Top cover joint
PSB008-090Top cover joint
PSB008-091Top cover joint
PSB008-108Top cover joint
PSB012-001HAT/LOP switch
PSB012-011Combined temp/pressure switch
PSB012-012Blow down valve
PSB012-015Combined temp/pressure switch
PSB012-026Pressure gauge 4 bar (60PSI)
PSB012-027Pressure gauge 7 bar (100 PSI)
PSB012-028Pressure gauge 14 bar (200 PSI)
PSB013-001Relief valve 2.8 bar
PSB013-003Relief valve 7.6 bar
PSB013-004PER valve nose
PSB013-007PER valve spring
PSB013-0126'' PER Non return valve
PSB013-053Relief valve 11.38 bar
PSB013-056Relief valve (2-71-587-17)
PSB013-057Relief valve (2-71-524-11)
PSB013-058Relief valve
PSB013-059Relief valve (2-71-525-14)
PSB014-002Bottom end bearing
PSB014-003Top end bush
PSB014-004Bottom end bearing
PSB014-005Top end bearing
PSB016-003Thrust washer
PSB017-001Oil pump
PSB021-001Piston ring
PSB021-002Piston ring
PSB021-003Piston ring
PSB021-004Piston ring
PSB022-001Piston ring (16.75'')
PSB022-002Piston ring
PSB022-003Piston ring (10.25'')
PSB022-004Piston ring
PSB022-005Rider ring (16.75'')
PSB022-006Rider ring
PSB022-007Rider ring (10.25'')
PSB022-008Rider ring
PSB022-011Piston ring
PSB022-012Rider ring
PSB022-013Piston ring
PSB022-014Rider ring
PSB022-0272nd stage piston ring
PSB022-0282nd stage rider ring
PSB022-037Piston ring
PSB022-038Rider ring
PSB022-042Piston ring
PSB022-044Piston ring
PSB022-045Rider ring
PSB022-0543rd stage piston ring
PSB022-0553rd stage rider ring
PSB025-001Suction strainer
PSB025-003Oil filter element
PSB025-005Oil suction strainer ' W '
PSB025-006Oil filter o ring
PSB025-010Oil filter element W
PSB027-001Suction valve
PSB027-002Suction valve
PSB027-006Valve plate
PSB027-007Damper plate
PSB027-010Closing spring
PSB027-011Suction valve spring
PSB027-014Valve plate
PSB027-015Damper plate
PSB027-018Damper spring
PSB027-024Unloader circlip
PSB027-074Cushion plate 194R
PSB027-113Suction valve
PSB027-125Unloader circlip
PSB027-166Valve plate
PSB027-169Damper plate
PSB027-1811st stage suction valve
PSB028-001Actuator assembly
PSB028-002Actuator nut seal ring
PSB028-003Actuator diaphragm
PSB028-004Actuator perbunan seal
PSB028-006Actuator spring
PSB028-008Actuator assembly
PSB028-014Actuator diaphragm
PSB028-019Valve actuator
PSB028-022Valve actuator
PSB028-037Actuator assembly
PSB028-041Valve actuator
PSB029-006Closing spring
PSB029-007Valve spring
PSB029-058Delivery valve
PSB029-064Delivery valve
PSB029-066Deliver valve
PSB029-100Delivery valve spring
PSB029-1101st stage delivery valve
PSB032-001Scraper box
PSB032-002Oil shedder
PSB032-005Packing box (4 per set) (pairs)
PSB032-0493rd stage
PSB032-0613rd stage
PSB033-002O ring
PSB033-004Tubestack 72 tube
PSB033-011Tubestack 42 tube
PSB036-005Drain trap
PSB040-006Intercooler fan